Whistleblowing Channel

What to report?

Before making a report, you should consider whether the problem could be solved by raising the matter directly with your manager, HR or another Edgeware manager you trust.

The whistleblowing channel is not meant for general business complaints, product issues or grievances about an employee’s personal employment situation.

However, if you fail to obtain a response to your notification, or if you feel you are unable to notify relevant management, you are urged to report the matter to the whistleblowing channel.

Anonymity and no retaliation

Reporting through the whistleblowing channel is anonymous if you choose so.

However, we encourage you to provide your contact information in the report or open a SecureMailbox, so that we may contact you for more information where this is necessary in order to investigate the reported incident.

Edgeware will ensure that no retaliation is taken against a whistleblower and that reports made in good faith will have no effect on their career. Any employee knowingly making a false report for the purposes of harming another individual will be subject to disciplinary action.

You can find more information about privacy under the section “Privacy Protection” above.

Open a Secure postbox

When you submit the report, you have the option to make yourself available for inquiries, and still remain anonymous, by opening a secure postbox. (SecureMailbox).

Regardless of whether you leave your contact information, please open a secure postbox. This allows us to reach out to you for clarifications and follow-up questions, as we may not be able to investigate the case without further information from you.

When creating a postbox, you will be asked to create a password. You have to log in to the postbox in order to see if you have received any questions from us. Please use the password that you have created to log in to the SecureMailbox, write the case number you used as subject.