Vision, Mission and Strategy


Let’s make TV amazing again!


The transformation of TV


Increase sales to existing customer base

Most of Edgeware’s sales in recent years were derived from the company’s existing customer base. Accordingly, maintaining and increasing sales to these customers is important to the company’s continued success. Edgeware’s sales organisation, which includes sales personnel with responsibility for identifying and cultivating new customers as well as sales personnel with responsibility for caring for existing customers, allows for efficient cultivation of the customer base and creates the necessary conditions for Edgeware to identify potential added sales opportunities at an early stage.

Development of the sales organisation and increased sales to new customers

Edgeware intends to continue making significant investments in developing and expanding its sales organisation to cover more markets, reach more customers and become even better positioned to serve its existing customer base. Edgeware has several successful examples of how sales in a certain region or to a particular customer group have gained momentum when individuals were assigned the task of focusing on a specific geographic market or customer group. Edgeware has been self-financed in recent years and the capital contribution in conjunction with the listing on Nasdaq Stockholm will now enable a major investment in the sales organisation. During the coming years, the Edgeware intends to double the size of its sales organisation, with a special focus on its three largest markets in Europe: Germany, France and the UK – three countries the company has not focused on specifically in the past.

Leverage the strong embedded operating leverage in the business model

Edgeware’s business model and the high gross margin of the product and service offering create the necessary conditions to leverage the company’s operating profit as its sales increase. Signs of this could be seen between 2013 and 2015 and more specifically when comparing the 9-month period ended 30 September 2015 and 2016, where the company’s sales grew by 21 percent and its operating profit by 88 percent.

Selective acquisitions

Edgeware’s market is fragmented, with a large number of small companies, which creates considerable potential for consolidation. The company sees strong opportunities for consolidation in the market and Edgeware continuously assesses M&A possibilities.

Edgeware in brief

Edgeware’s business model is to develop, market and sell streaming solutions to customers that require effective solutions for distributing TV and video content to viewers over IP.

Our markets

Edgeware has had a global presence since it was founded and the company secured its first international customer in 2007 – a customer that still purchases its products and services today.

Our history

Edgeware was founded in 2004 by Joachim Roos, Lukas Holm and Kalle Henriksson, all of whom had extensive experience from the network industry.