Trading information

Edgeware’s Board has applied for listing of the Company’s shares on Nasdaq Stockholm. Nasdaq Stockholm Listing Committee has of the 16 November 2016 decided to approve the Company’s shares for trading on the Nasdaq Stockholm to customary conditions, including the requirement of free float of the company’s shares are met by the listing day.

In the event that the Company’s Board of Directors makes the final decision on the listing of the Company’s share estimated trade in the Company’s shares commenced on December 9th 2016. This means that trading will begin before the shares were transferred to the acquirer’s securities account and in some cases before the contract note is received.

It further means that trading will begin before the conditions of the Offer have been fulfilled. Trading in the Company’s share, which takes place before the Offer becomes unconditional, will revert unless the Offer is completed.

The ticker on Nasdaq Stockholm for the company’s share is EDGE.