Our business

Edgeware is a global high-tech company that develops and offers products that enable high-quality TV and video streaming. Edgeware’s solutions are primarily sold to telecom and cable operators as well as broadcasters and content owners that want to scalably, securely and cost-efficiently make TV and video content available to their viewers.

Edgeware’s solutions are based on creating a decentralised CDN (Content Delivery Networks), where the company’s hardware and software ensure that customers’ viewers can stream content from servers at the edge of a network, located closest to the viewer. The server can either be a TV server developed by Edgeware dedicated to video content and customised for installation in networks, or a standard server running Edgeware’s software. This intelligently designed decentralised system ensures a high level of quality and delivery reliability and reduces the traffic load in the backhaul network (the network between the customers’ central data centre and the final part of the network, closest to the viewer).

Edgeware in brief

Edgeware’s business model is to develop, market and sell streaming solutions to customers that require effective solutions for distributing TV and video content to viewers over IP.

Our markets

Edgeware has had a global presence since it was founded and the company secured its first international customer in 2007 – a customer that still purchases its products and services today.

Our history

Edgeware was founded in 2004 by Joachim Roos, Lukas Holm and Kalle Henriksson, all of whom had extensive experience from the network industry.