Edgeware has its head office in Stockholm and this is where a majority of the company’s employees work. Edgeware has an international sales organisation, with several employees working in the field.

Edgeware has a wholly owned subsidiary in the US and in Hong Kong, from which its sales and support services in the region are delivered.

Edgeware in brief

Edgeware’s business model is to develop, market and sell streaming solutions to customers that require effective solutions for distributing TV and video content to viewers over IP.

Our markets

Edgeware has had a global presence since it was founded and the company secured its first international customer in 2007 – a customer that still purchases its products and services today.

Our history

Edgeware was founded in 2004 by Joachim Roos, Lukas Holm and Kalle Henriksson, all of whom had extensive experience from the network industry.