Matthew Ho – Director of Solution Architecture for Edgeware APAC

Who are you and what is your personal motto?

My name is Matthew Ho. I am based in Hong Kong, the business hub of Asia Pacific. I worked at Nortel Canada, Rogers Cable Canada and Harmonic Hong Kong before. I have Master of Engineering and MBA degrees.

Personal motto? Innovating to win!  It is important to stay focus and jump outside of the box to win business. To win business in the region is fun and dynamic. Innovation does not limit to product but also on the ecosystem surrounding it and to understand customer’s needs to customize the innovation.

What do you do at Edgeware?

I am the Director of Solution Architecture for Edgeware APAC in Hong Kong. My duty is to win business for Edgeware in the region.

Why did you start working for Edgeware?

Tired of big and slow companies and enjoys free, fast and innovative working culture. Catching the wave of internet video and ditching legacy and overcrowded industry.

What do you enjoy the most with your job?

Knowing everyone in the company even when I work at remote office. Swedish culture, Scandinavians direct and independent interactions. My voice does count and makes a difference!