Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Asia and Pacific region.


North and South America.

Gross profit

Net sales less cost of goods sold.

Gross margin

Gross profit as a percentage of net sales.

Operating income

EBIT Operating income before financial items and taxes.

Operating margin % (EBIT %)

Operating profit before financial items and tax in relation to net sales.


Operating income before depreciation/amortisation and impairment losses.

EBITDA margin

EBITDA as a percentage of net sales.

Return on equity (ROE)

Profit for the period as a percentage of adjusted equity (equity plus the equity portion of untaxed reserves).

Equity/assets ratio

Adjusted equity in relation to total assets.

Number of shares after dilution

has been restated to account for new share issues and the historical effect of warrants.

Earnings per share

Profit for the period in relation to number of shares.

Equity per share

Equity in relation to number of shares.