Carlos Fidalgo – Sales Director Latin America

Who are you and what is your personal motto?

Born in Spain, after spending several years competing as a professional water-skier I joint the Telecommunications industry where I have spent 20+years selling anything from enterprise, transmission, routing, mobile, and now video networks. I am married with two children that are obsessed with soccer, I have lived in three Continents. I am a strong supporter of the Real Madrid soccer club, and enjoy anything that has to do with being in the ocean or the mountains.

My personal motto is to live each and everyday to its fullest!

What do you do at Edgeware?

At Edgeware I am responsible for sales within the Latin American market

Why did you start working for Edgeware?

There were a number of reasons that convinced me to join Edgeware. Those motivations are still, four years later, the reason why I enjoy so much being part of the Edgeware team:

  • Scandinavian culture – promised only what you can deliver (very important for a sales person, whose credibility is its most important asset), and treat everyone with the same level of respect and accountability.
  • Video Revolution – Video was one of the few telecom sectors I had not been involved with before I joint Edgeware. Working for Edgeware gave me the opportunity to learn about this sector which was/is exploding.
  • Edgeware had/has a disruptive approach to video delivery that allow me to be part of this revolution.
  • Small organization – where every employee makes a difference, and everyone’s opinion is valued. Being small meant/means being flexible, quick, and adaptable to market changes.

What do you enjoy the most with your job?

  • Working with a team of very talented professionals (both at the Corporate and field levels).
  • Being part of the “video revolution” and having a chance to influence how millions of people experience their video consumption on a daily basis.
  • Interacting with customers and prospects with very different needs, expectations, and challenges.
  • Being in sales allows me “to enjoy” competition as I did during my water-skiing years; video-delivery is such a hot sector within our industry that it has created a number of very good companies with whom we compete for every project; like with any sport, good competitors make you a better professional.