Annika Norin – Financial controller

Who are you and what is your personal motto?

Annika Norin and I am the financial controller of Edgeware. My work mottos are:

  • Make sure to have fun at work and with your colleagues. You do a much better job if you like it.
  • Try to learn something new every day. Progress and personal development is magic.
  • Always try to question your work to see if there are things to improve.
  • Make sure you work at a company where your heart also is.

What do you do at Edgeware?

As a financial controller I work with numbers. I create quarter and annual report, research technical accounting issues for compliance, ensure quality control over financial transactions and financial reporting, responsible for monthly group closing and group OPEX budget follow up. In short – I love financial number and accountings

Why did you start working for Edgeware?

I had already worked with our CFO Steeve Fuhr before and he is a brilliant boss. He always gives the employees working around him a chance to grow and offers new challenges.

Also, Edgeware is an exciting company with growing demand (since I have teenagers I knew for a fact that video on demand is something that grows extremely fast). I like fast growing companies where the decisions are fast and actions even faster.

What do you enjoy the most with your job?

The possibility to have fun and learn new things, every day. The possibility to change workflows to more streamlined routines. Closing periods is also fun when you feel that the routines have improved. Great colleagues and a great manager are also at the top of my list.